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Nissan Skyline turbo

Turbo Test Drive

Ok so its just weeks away now from our dreams coming true. It just seems so surreal, one moment your browsing the internet drooling over pictures of the beast and reading the forums about the specs, performance and of course the MODS. But the closest you get to one is your R33 Nissan Skyline background.

Then comes your first taste. A friend you know buys one and you find a time in his busy schedule to come and drool some more. You sit inside gripping the steering wheel and changing the gears, your eyes fixed on the 7000 rpm redline. With a massive grin on your face you turn the ignition. The deep drone of the exhaust heightens your senses beating your heart faster and faster. You depress the accelerator watching the tacho fly. All you can hear is the sound of the HKS Air Pod sucking frantically as the turbo spools and explodes.... it's all over, your hooked.

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Your first drive in a skyline is similar to your first ride in a roller coaster, you were scared as but then you rode it all day and your parents couldn't get you off the damn thing. It's just like nothing else on the road, the sounds, the acceleration and of course the heart stopping boost.

But it doesn't end there, not only can we discover the nature of physics applying forward G's to our body, but taking right angle corners nearing 70km/h allowed us to experience lateral G's too. Then as quick as you can change from 1st to 2nd the ride was over. We were left with a permanent smile on our faces and a heart rate of well over 200bpm. At that instant we both knew one thing; that somehow we would make this feeling never disappear.

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